Requirements for buying a Mobile Home in the United States: advantages and disadvantages



A home erected off-site by a builder and then transported to a property is a mobile home. They are also known as manufactured homes or trailers. In the United States, there are approximately 8 million mobile homes.

 Purchasing a mobile home has many benefits and advantages. Its cost is usually much lower than that of a standard single-family home.   As of 2015, the average price of a mobile home was $68,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A conventional single-family home has a current median price between $285,000 and $360,000.


Approximately 20 million Americans are living in mobile homes, manufactured housing, which is generally of very low quality. It is assumed that more than 6% of the nation's entire residential inventory, and about 20% in the southern states, is made up of this type of housing.


Newer mobile homes are known as manufactured homes. These homes are placed on a permanent chassis. Because of this chassis, they can be easily moved. It is the chassis that defines the manufactured home as "mobile". In this post, we will give you all the necessary information about this housing model.


Requirements for obtaining a Mobile Home in the United States.

The requirements to be taken into consideration when purchasing a mobile home are mentioned below:


Have a permit or credential issued by the State for the use of a mobile home.

The credential must be current in order to pay the established tax.

Authorization issued by the county to park and place the home in parking lots or spaces designated for mobile homes.

Certificate of ownership of the mobile home.


Before carrying out any legal procedure in relation to this matter, it is necessary to consult with the corresponding State entities.


 Steps to buy a mobile home

There are several and varied alternatives for the acquisition of a mobile home. Nowadays, thanks to the tools provided by technology, this process is easier. Therefore, to buy a mobile home in the USA there are 3 alternatives:


Bank financing. You can apply for a bank loan or credit.

Personal property loan.

Loan protected by the Federal Housing Administration.

The proposals that have just been suggested can be fulfilled according to the needs and tastes of the buyers. In such a way that, the potential buyers try to elaborate a good purchase plan in order to achieve the complete success of the process.


Where can I locate my Mobile Home

Taking into consideration that this type of housing corresponds to a very superb model and due to its very particular characteristics, it cannot be parked everywhere. Therefore, in some countries the use of this type of vehicle has not yet been standardized.


It is therefore necessary to make some recommendations to be able to park your motor home in the most suitable place for it. It should be kept in mind that currently these vehicles have been built with a much more resistant material, so this aspect should not be a cause for concern.


In several countries, land has been determined for the establishment of mobile homes or mobile homes, so it is more advisable to park them there. It is essential to have services such as water, electricity, telephone and septic tank close to the land where you have decided or have been authorized to park. The area must be financed or belong to public or banking entities.


What is a Mobile Home

It is a mobile or mobile home. They are houses that have been designed and erected in this way in order to be used as transportable or portable housing. They are erected in different ways:


On the one hand, there are the semi-permanent ones, which are manufactured to then be moved to the site where it will be established. Among these are the mobile homes that can be purchased along with the land on which it is located, which could be a large plot of land in a particular forest.

And the mobile homes, which have a smaller space and are part of a vehicle designed for their transportation.

The latter are the houses that are most commonly used when people want to go on vacation. In this way, they can travel with the motor home and enjoy different destinations and benefits without having to pay for lodging.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Mobile Home

If you are considering living in a mobile home, think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of moving into a mobile home before you invest in it. The advantages of purchasing a mobile home in the U.S. are as follows


The cost of acquisition or purchase of these properties are generally much cheaper than a regular house.

Because they are mobile homes, you can change your place of residence without having to change your house or room.

The design of your house can be done with comfort and according to your needs and tastes.

At the moment of purchasing the property, you get the guarantee to make the necessary repairs in case of any manufacturing defect.

One of the great qualities of mobile homes is that, thanks to the advanced technologies used in their manufacture, they have an optimal thermal control due to the insulation and materials used in their construction, which generates a better comfort inside. More importantly, the reduction in the use of air conditioning, which is also reflected in a lower environmental impact.


Just as there are advantages to this type of housing, there are also certain disadvantages that you should consider before acquiring a property with these characteristics. The following are some of the disadvantages of buying a mobile home in the United States:


In the case of acquiring a home that has been used, you may run the risk of not receiving any warranty for repairs or correction of defects. It is likely to be in very poor condition.

It is feasible that the base of the house is made of metal and due to misuse, it may shift off its original axis, which could be very dangerous.

Over time, mobile homes may lose value. There are mobile homes that do not come with the land included so they do not increase in value, and may be difficult to resell in relation to a normal home.

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