➤ Finding Your Perfect Fit: Bank vs. Independent Lenders Home Loans


When seeking the ideal home loan, the choice between traditional banks and independent lenders is a pivotal decision. Both options come with distinct advantages worth considering. Banks, known for their stability and wide range of financial services, offer convenience for those who prefer to manage their mortgage alongside their existing accounts. They may also provide potential discounts for customers with multiple accounts or a long-standing relationship.

On the other hand, independent lenders, often mortgage specialists, can provide a more personalized and flexible approach. These lenders might be more willing to work with individuals who have unique financial situations or lower credit scores. Additionally, they often have a streamlined application process and quicker approval timelines compared to banks.

Interest rates can also differ significantly between banks and independent lenders, with each having their own rate structures. Independent lenders might have more competitive rates due to lower overhead costs and specialized mortgage offerings.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual financial circumstances and preferences. If you value familiarity and convenience, a bank might be your go-to. However, if you're seeking tailored solutions, especially with less-than-ideal credit, independent lenders could better suit your needs. Regardless of your choice, careful comparison and thorough research are essential to secure the best possible home loan for your situation.

Which is the best option ?

There are lots of people who are looking forward to get a loan sanctioned. People these days want to get their own homes but it is not possible to purchase a home with liquid cash. This is the reason why they require a loan either from the bank or from the independent lender.

But you must always remember that getting home loans is not that easy. If you are looking for your first loan then you might be unaware of certain things.There are lots of things that you need to learn before you can start building your dream home. But if you have tried to get a loan from the bank then you might have understood that it has become quite difficult to get loans from the bank.Banks are becoming more impersonal these days.The banking staff and the manager no longer entertain people who they already know.

They do not grow their relationships personally these days. So it has become quite hard to get secured loans from the bank with the help of relationships. Other than this, the criteria of lending home loan have also changed. These days the criteria are much stricter than it used to be previously. The change has been noticed especially after the recession. If you are a resident of UK then you might have felt the change in the dealings of the bank after the recession.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Bank vs. Independent Lenders Home Loans

The policies have become so strict that a normal person finds it very difficult to get the secured home loans out of the bank. Other than this, they also have another criterion. You need to make sure that your credit rating is very high if you want yourself to be eligible for the home loans.

A water tight credit rating might not be possible for everyone and this is the reason why they are deprived from the loans by the banks. At this point of time people are finding the lenders much more profitable. The independent lenders are offering some of the best deal in home loan these days. The criteria they are offering for the loans are much more suitable. You will find that the criteria are fitting your circumstances better. Other than this, they have also become popular for secured loans because they a higher amount of LTV which is loan to value than the banks. The LTV offered by these independent lenders is about 85 percent.

Banks, or independent  lenders

The best thing about the independent lender is that even if you have a bad credit you can be eligible for the loan. They arrange specialist lender for people who are classed as high risk because of their bad credit. If you are looking for secured loans then you need to make sure that you pledge some of your property as collateral for the loan. If you are a resident of UK and above 18 years of age and have proper identity proof such as passport or driving license then you can be eligible for the Secured home loans.

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